Is it Time for House Renovations?

If your home is older, it may be time for it to have a round of house renovations. Unlike remodeling or conversion, renovations aim to restore its original structural soundness, beauty, or both. Here are some top areas to examine to decide if renovations are in order:

The Floor – Your floor gets the most use of any part of your home. Therefore, it is guaranteed to wear out over the years. Look at the condition of the floor covering, and feel for soft spots underneath. Repair as needed.

Your Windows – Even if they still work, modern windows are much more efficient than old ones. Consider new ones if the current windows are over 20 years old.

The Walls – New paint is often enough for walls, but replacement is in order if the wall itself is damaged. Tip: Replace damaged lower wall portions with wainscoting instead of redoing the entire wall.