When Should You Get a Kitchen Refit?

One of the best reasons to get a kitchen refit is to update the looks of the room. If you feel like you've stepped through a time machine every time you go into your Aylesbury, UK kitchen – and you weren't purposely going for a retro look – it's time to update. Bring in appliances in the latest colors, have the walls repainted, and get new tile put in. You'll enjoy the modern feel of the new look.

The other reason to go for a kitchen refit is if all of your appliances are quite old. Old appliances may "work" for years, but they're not nearly as efficient as new ones. This wastes your energy money every time you cook anything or use the dishwasher. When you get rid of the old appliances, you'll have the perfect chance to get at everything that was behind them. Bring in the new ones after repainting and retiling.